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Spartan Fab LLC

63 McGhee Rd No.111

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Phone- (208) 263 0632

Email-  build@spartanfab.com

Welding & Fabrication

  Welding- "the act of joining two or more bodies together with the proper amount of heat and correct alloy of filler to make a joint that is in many cases as strong or stronger than the parent material." This is accomplished through heat generated by an electric arc, flame, or friction. The basic process is simple, but the details get complicated. To protect the melting metal from oxidation and weakness, flux or shielding gases such as Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, or a blend of these is used. When the heat is just right and the material is clean and pure, a filler metal of the proper alloy is introduced to the molten puddle. It must be added in the right amount, at the right time, and be allowed to cool at the proper rate. If all of the requirements have been satisfied and the welder is skilled and knowledgable, the result is a very strong, beautiful weld. If any detail is missed, imminent failure.

   We are proud to apply science and technical prowess to our work, rather than an "It's not pretty but it'll hold" mentality. We employ expert welders that are well versed in high and low carbon steels, various alloys of aluminum, stainless steel, ,manganese steels, copper, brass, titanium, inconel, and even magnesium. we can handle thin sheet, heavy plate, castings and the like. We strive to produce the strongest, most visually appealing weld for any given situation, and have hundreds of techniques gleaned from decades of experience to help achieve our goals.   We always carry basic certification and can certify a welder for any situation required for the job.  



So, ask yourself- Do you want to hire some guy with a welder to melt metal...


...or would you rather have an alchemist with a welding hood making hot liquid poetry?

When science gets....sexy.