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Spartan Fab and Machine

63 McGhee Rd No.111

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Phone- (208) 263 0632


We are a tier 2/ tier 3 supplier providing CNC Machining and Contract Manufacturing for OEM's in the Pacific and Inland NW, as well as nationwide. We are proud to be an American manufacturing company, sourcing USA made materials and services through our trusted vendors and industry partners.

Our goal is to help your company bring home those offshored components, creating more American manufacturing jobs, and producing high quality parts while keeping costs competitive and providing the best possible customer service.



SFM is unique among machine shops in that we perform multiple precision processes such as machining, laser cutting and engraving, forming, polishing/finishing etc, making us well suited to component and assembly production. We can handle stainless steels, aluminum, titanium, chromemoly, brass, copper, plastics, teflon/delrin, laminates, to name a few.  We also offer CAD/CAM design and prototyping as well as a fair amount of tool and die work for our customers. Our service partners include Tig welding, Swiss machining, EDM, powdercoating, anodizing, die cutting, aluminum casting, and injection molding.

   Our advanced workholding and machining strategies allow for better quality, consistency, better finishes, and ultimately lower cost per part. Investment in new technology reduces setup costs and passes savings on to the customer while increasing efficiency. We also take pride in our quality control, attention to detail and consistency of product. Please contact us to find out what SFM can do for you!

What can we build for you?


  Focus. Innovate. Improve.

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