Spartan Fab and Machine

63 McGhee Rd No.111

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Phone- (208) 263 0632


Spartan Fab and Machine

63 McGhee Rd No.111

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Phone- (208) 263 0632

We are a tier 2 supplier providing CNC Machining and Sanitary Fabrication for Medical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, and Food and Beverage Industries.

We are currently updating our Quality Manual to comply with AS9100 and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are prioritizing any critical projects.

Contact us immediately for time sensitive parts.

Please give us a call or email with your needs, we love to talk machine parts and assemblies.

We are convenient to the Pacific Northwest and ship Nationwide.

Spartan Fab & Machine is unique among manufacturers in that we perform multiple precision metalwork processes in-house such as machining, laser cutting and engraving, Precision welding, forming, polishing/finishing etc, making us well suited to component and assembly production. We can handle stainless steels, aluminum, titanium, chromemoly, brass, copper, plastics, teflon/delrin, laminates, to name a few.  We also offer CAD/CAM design and prototyping as well as a fair amount of tool and die work for our customers. Our service partners include Swiss machining, EDM, powdercoating, anodizing, die cutting, aluminum casting, and injection molding.

What can we build for you?

Equipment List



4 axis CNC vertical mill- Fadal VMC40- 22x16x20

3 axis CNC vertical mill- Haas Mini Mill- 16x12x18

3 axis CNC turret mill- Acra GS18F-  38x17x20


Toolroom machines-

2 axis CNC/manual turret mill- Acra GS18F-  38x17x20

Clausing 14x40 gap bed Lathe, 1.375" max thru spindle

18" Tapping mill

18" Clausing Drill press

14" drill press

13x26" do-all vertical bandsaw

14x12 horizontal bandsaw

Vibratory deburring machines (2)

Hydraulic and arbor presses

6x12" combi grinders 

assorted tooling- knurling, dividing heads/angle milling heads/rotaries etc

Fabrication equipment-

55 ton press brake

70 ton ironworker

60" slip roll

52" jump shear

Pullmax p5 nibbler

manual and power shrinker/stretcher

Burnishing/graining wheel


Welding machines-

Miller Dynasty 210 new in 2019 (tig)

Miller Multimatic 255 new in 2019 (mig)

Miller 250 Syncrowave (tig)

Miller Maxstar 150HS (tig)

Lincoln 180 dual (mig)

Millermatic 35s, aluminum spoolgun/stainless mig



Flatbed laser engraver, 26"x18"x8"

Rotary laser marking up to 6"

Ceramic marking machine

Chemical etching machine

CNC router- 48"x32"

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